OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts – Part II

Last week we talked about the differences between OE and aftermarket parts. Now for the money question – what’s my optimum mix between them? Like a good economist once said “it all depends”. Like many things, the least expensive option rarely is the best one. You also don’t want to just go with the most expensive option, unless you have done your homework and determined if it brings you the most value and the overall best total cost of ownership. Make sure you start with a relatively small number of your high volume and high dollar value parts. Going with too many will bog down your efforts. (more…)

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

How much time do you spend thinking about parts? Do you buy solely OEM, or do you only look at aftermarket? Do you know the the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured parts? Using the wrong mix could be hurting your bottom line. (more…)

inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update – 09/09/2016

This is your inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update for the week of 9/05/16 – 9/11/16. (more…)

McLeod Software Teams with TCA and inGauge to Help Customers Participate in Benchmarking Program


Working with TCA inGauge, TCA’s online benchmarking service, McLeod Software has created automated reporting functions that let our customers generate, with the click of a mouse, the monthly data exports from their LoadMaster® Enterprise system, which are necessary for the Benchmarking program. This includes an automated data export for all 334 items submitted monthly by the Best Practice Group members and the 72 items submitted by the online subscribers in this program. (more…)

Safety Pays!

Some recent data released by TCAinGauge has revealed some exciting information; it’s exciting for a couple reasons. First, by way of background, the Truckload Carriers Association’s industry benchmarking program has been measuring individual company operating data for the truckload sector for well over a decade. Just recently their new online offering has released data that at one time was held close by the companies that participate in the program. The new anonymous offering has the capability to release some of these valuable benchmarks to the industry. (more…)

inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update – 06/29/2016

inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update – 06/29/2016 (more…)

inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update – 06/21/2016

inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update – 06/21/2016 (more…)

OTA – inGauge Partner to Provide Canadian Fleets With Business Benchmarking Tool

Benchmarking is a common practice in many sectors throughout North America. The trucking industry, dominated by many privately held firms, has typically not been a sector where benchmarking has flourished. The Ontario Trucking Association, through a new partnership with inGauge, is encouraging its members in 2016 to explore the benefits of utilizing benchmarking tools. (more…)

TCA and the Ohio Trucking Association Partner on inGauge

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) is pleased to announce a formal partnership with the Ohio Trucking Association to promote the new inGauge™ Online Performance Benchmarking Service to OTA members. The inGauge™ service was formally launched September 1st and has now boasts 112 trucking company profiles (which includes subscribing companies with multiple profiles). (more…)

TCA and South Carolina Trucking Association Partner on inGauge

Alexandria, Virginia:
The South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA) is partnering with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) to offer the new inGauge™ Online Performance Benchmarking Service. SCTA will introduce inGauge to its Board of Directors at its retreat in early October. (more…)