Essential Performance Indicators

We all have our favourite metrics for helping to translate which way the wind is blowing in our businesses; these metrics are crucial to understanding which adjustments need to be made to reach our respective goals. However, standardizing these metrics across our diverse industry is akin to getting people to tell you which one of their children is their favourite.

However, in an industry which is highly fragmented, most companies are left to their own devices to figure out which things to track and which ones not to track. Knowledge sharing and management is typically kept within the close confines of a company’s doors. This is tragic since our industry has so many talented individuals and companies with so much to offer each other. In order to take one step closer to building a more successful, profitable and efficient industry, we’ve worked diligently over the past eight months to translate hundreds of Key Performance Indicators into a set of what we like to call ‘Essential Performance Indicators’. These ‘EPIs’, we believe, are the metrics which can provide the most bang for your buck and a defined focus for your operations.

Further, by culling the herd of metrics, we can provide a simple and standardized format for benchmarking your company’s performance versus your chosen peer group. We expect these EPIs to change over time, adapting to the ever changing business, technological and regulatory variables thrown at the Trucking industry each day.

To learn more about Essential Performance Indicators (EPIs) and how Benchmarking can help take your business to the next level, drop me a line or go to . Happy Holidays!