inGauge Adds New Features

Beginning tomorrow, the inGauge team is pleased to announce a number of new features for available for inGauge subscribers.

  1. New Population Filters: New Filter – Average Length of Haul, Change to ‘Industry Type’ – moved Flat Deck to ‘Industry Sub Type’, Change to ‘Industry Sub Type’ – added Intermodal, Aggregate and Tanker, New Filter – TCA Best Practice Group (available if you belong to a TCA Best Practice Group currently)
  2. Drag and Drop Dashboard Gauges – this feature allows the main user to ‘drag and drop’ each gauge into the preferred order to be displayed on both the External and Internal Benchmarking Dashboards
  3. Ability for Sub Users to Upload Data – will be available tomorrow.
  4. Best Practices Dashboard (in Beta format) – this dashboard will display the results of a monthly topic-based monthly survey. The first survey will be sent on the 25th of this month.
  5. New inGauge Monthly Scorecard (Beta) – This new scorecard build on feeedback provided from users, and now includes ‘goal’ data and new performance opportunity formulas.
  6. Heat Map – Later this week, we will begin to anonymously display the number of inGauge participants via our public website in the form of an interactive heat map.
  7. Optional Metrics – Currently there are three optional metrics available for use: Average Truck Age, A/R Days Sales Outstanding and Amort./Dep. (% of Revenue).

New Features currently in development queue:

  1. Current Data for Internal Benchmarking – we expect this feature to be live by end of the month. This will allow you to access previous month’s data for internal/goal tracking purposes
  2. Goal-Tracking Action Items – ability to assign a user/sub-user to a specific action item, and set appropriate deadlines for each
  3. Ability to use 3, 9 or 12 month rolling averages for dashboard (currently uses 6 month as default)
  4. New Optional Metrics – currently working on adding 3 optional maintenance based metrics
  5. Public Company Comparison Tools – via our public site, visitors will be able to compare their metrics (anonymously) to the current results of nine publicly traded truckload carriers.

If you are interested in participating in a custom online demo, please go to Book Demo and complete the short survey.