TCA and the Ohio Trucking Association Partner on inGauge

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) is pleased to announce a formal partnership with the Ohio Trucking Association to promote the new inGauge™ Online Performance Benchmarking Service to OTA members. The inGauge™ service was formally launched September 1st and has now boasts 112 trucking company profiles (which includes subscribing companies with multiple profiles).

inGauge™ allows motor carriers and their employees to anonymously compare their operational results on approximately 30-50 performance metrics against a chosen peer group, and share best practice knowledge to enhance future results. The service is available on a monthly subscription basis with no annual commitment.

“Our members have clearly communicated their desire for access to reliable and timely data to benchmark their own performance,” stated Thomas Balzer, President of the Ohio Trucking Association. “There is no shortage of high level trucking data, however our members need access to more detail that may either validate their current performance, or put the spotlight on areas which may need further attention. We believe inGauge will help in this regard.”

In addition to quantitative results, the service allows for qualitative benchmarking via a new action item feature. This feature allows subscribers to access list of action items and projects that other subscribers are using to improve their metric by metric performance. The hypothesis is that this feature will help to translate specific strategic and operational decisions into improved bottom line results.

“TCA is proud of it’s history in Benchmarking. The inGauge tool, we believe, is a critical part of engaging the entire company in the exercise of benchmarking. Further, inGauge™ leverages the data and knowledge we have gained through our successful Benchmarking groups over the past 13 years,” added Debbie Sparks, VP of TCA. “We are pleased to be able to bring this valuable and sophisticated tool to OTA members.”

Regular online webinars will be conducted for OTA members, as well as personal online demonstrations as requested. For those interested in a personal online demonstration, please go to and register, or call Chris Henry (519-913-2582) or via email: [email protected].