TCA and South Carolina Trucking Association Partner on inGauge

Alexandria, Virginia:
The South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA) is partnering with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) to offer the new inGauge™ Online Performance Benchmarking Service. SCTA will introduce inGauge to its Board of Directors at its retreat in early October.

The inGauge™ service was formally launched September 1st and has quickly caught the attention of the trucking industry. inGauge™ allows motor carriers and their employees to anonymously compare their operational results on approximately 15–30 performance metrics against a chosen peer group, and share best practice knowledge to enhance future results. The service is available on a monthly subscription basis with no annual commitment.

“We are enthusiastic in supporting this initiative, as it seeks to enhance our members’ performance. They will be able to not only evaluate past performance, but be able to compare their results to other well-managed motor carriers in their sector,” says SCTA President & CEO Rick Todd. “inGauge will help to eliminate status quo in a company, as well as validate macro trends that other companies have experienced.”

In addition to quantitative results, the service will provide the results of monthly qualitative surveys on a dedicated Best Practices Dashboard. This feature will help to translate specific strategic and operational decisions into improved bottom line results.

“We are excited to see that state trucking associations like South Carolina are coming on board—it reconfirms that there is great value in the product and demand from our members,” said Debbie Sparks, vice president of TCA.

For those interested in a personal online demonstration, please go to and register