StakUp is now inGauge by TCA

Alexandria, Virginia:

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has made significant changes to its Benchmarking Program and is pleased to announce a joint venture with StakUp Inc. Under the terms of the partnership, TCA will utilize StakUp’s online benchmarking platform for the trucking industry, and will rebrand the service as inGauge™. This exclusive service will utilize over a decade’s worth of data from TCA’s incredibly successful Best Practices Groups, as well as data garnered from StakUp’s existing and growing subscriber base.

inGauge™ will be the only dedicated, online benchmarking service for the North American trucking industry. It allows motor carriers and their employees to anonymously compare their operational results on approximately 15-30 performance metrics versus a chosen peer group, and share best practice knowledge to enhance future results. The service will be available on a monthly subscription basis, with no annual commitment. TCA and StakUp believe the combination of carefully screened data and inGauge’s intuitive platform will allow motor carriers of all sizes to discover the power of benchmarking.

“My own company has utilized TCA’s Benchmarking Program in the past, and now that I see the flexible and intuitive platform that StakUp has built, it’s clear to me that the merger of the two is going to take the trucking industry by storm,” said Keith Tuttle, TCA’s chairman and the founder of Motor Carrier Service, LLC, of Northwood, Ohio. “There’s a tremendous value in knowing how you compare against other companies of similar size and resources. This will improve profits and efficiency, while reducing risk.”

Chris Henry, president and co-founder of StakUp, said, “We are honored to be chosen by TCA; it signifies a major milestone in the timeline of our company. Combining a significant membership base with a decade’s worth of audited data from some of the best motor carriers in North America signifies a truly best case scenario for our mission. Each of these items will support our goal of strengthening the value and lowering the risk profile of North American motor carriers.”

The inGauge™service will be launched as of September 1, 2015, to all motor carriers throughout North America. TCA’s Best Practice Group Members will be provided complimentary access to the service for a limited time, and ongoing discounts will be provided to all TCA members.

StakUp Inc. was co-founded by industry veterans Ray Haight, a former TCA chairman, and Doug Davis, former CEO and major shareholder of Pollock Group of Companies (acquired by Ryder System Inc.).

For further information or to schedule an online demonstration of inGauge™, please contact StakUp’s Chris Henry at (519) 913-2582 or TCA’s Debbie Sparks at (703) 838-1950. To get a sneak peek at inGauge, go to and enter your email address.