TCA Annual Convention – Recap #1

You could feel the energy at this year’s annual convention. Most carriers I spoke to (of all operating modes) are optimistic about business conditions for the remainder of 2017. The weight of last year’s challenges appear to have lifted. This was magnified by the buzz created by the strategic direction outlined by TCA President John Lyboldt.

In multiple presentations, and in the general assembly, he communicated that the value of membership should be analogous to four legs of a stool. The seat being the value of continued membership. Each leg on this stool will represent 1) Building company value, 2) Improving member profitability, 3) Retaining (and training) our skilled workforce, and 4) Advocacy – being the leading voice of truckload.

Benchmarking initiatives provided by TCA, including inGauge and the Best Practice Groups, help to address the first and second legs of the stool, while helping to provide the resources to retain and attract the right people to drive this industry forward. Further, the data gleaned (in aggregate) from all benchmarking efforts will play an important role in supporting, and validating TCA advocacy efforts.

In the coming months, you will hear about many exicting new ways that TCA will help build the value and profitability of your organization, and provide the roadmap (not just a compass) to continued to success. More to come…