Managing People Effectively by Ray Haight

  I had an epiphany about 10 years ago when I, along with the other members of the senior executive of the company I was working with, took a training course titled “Management by Responsibility”. This eight-week course opened my eyes to both human behaviour and my own behaviour to the point that it literally changed the way I look at the world. I know that the other managers enjoyed.

Scorecarding Drivers – Leveraging Your Telemetrics Investment

  Many of us have invested in in-cab satellite or cellular based devices that give us critical features like GPS positioning, two-way messaging, act as an EOBR, and possibly provide in-cab scanning and printing. These provide mission critical (or regulatory) functions, but are you taking advantage of the data that many of these devices can give you? Before we get too far into looking specifically at trucks, keep in mind.

Katz, Sapper & Miller and inGauge Work Together to Promote Benchmarking

  The relevance of performance benchmarking in any industry is strongly correlated to the size and diversity of the reporting population. Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) has been conducting an annual trucking industry benchmarking survey in conjunction with McLeod Software since 2014. The scope of this survey has grown consistently since its introduction, with the most recent study covering more than 200 data elements obtained from survey questionnaires and McLeod’s.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Could they help break your diesel fuel habit?

  Diesel fuel has been our industry’s main power source for years. We love the power it provides while hating its price and the relatively poor mileage we get. There’s a never ending line of additional emissions regulations that mean additional and costly technologies that are required to meet those regulations. Wouldn’t it be great to break that diesel habit and find something else, preferably something that gets around those.

Inspect What You Expect: The Evolution of Benchmarking

  By Jack Porter, GPorter Group LLC (republished from January 2017 edition of Truckload Authority) After spending 30 years in Dealer Twenty Groups, and now facilitating TCA’s Best Practice Groups (the only formal benchmarking program in the Truckload segment), I believe it is time for an evolution, if not a revolution, in the use of technology and business intelligence. I entered my first heavy-duty truck dealer Twenty Group in 1985.

New Maintenance Metrics for inGauge

  Based on careful review with a select group of BPG users, we have narrowed down our new list of Maintenance-related metrics from 72 to 34. Some of these metrics will be driven from existing data points which we currently track, but many of them will be driven new (more granular) data points which will be added to the data template starting next week. In the coming weeks, we will.

RADAR, LIDAR and beyond……

  To start the New Year, we wanted to take a look at some new and upcoming technologies that will eventually benefit all of us. We have all seen reports of driverless transports as a way of the future but how does that technology affect us today? The reality is that autonomous vehicles will eventually arrive but it will be at least 10 years before they are truly driverless. A.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts – Part II

  Last week we talked about the differences between OE and aftermarket parts. Now for the money question – what’s my optimum mix between them? Like a good economist once said “it all depends”. Like many things, the least expensive option rarely is the best one. You also don’t want to just go with the most expensive option, unless you have done your homework and determined if it brings you.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

  How much time do you spend thinking about parts? Do you buy solely OEM, or do you only look at aftermarket? Do you know the the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured parts? Using the wrong mix could be hurting your bottom line. OE (original equipment) is the easiest to understand. These are the same parts that were on the truck when it was delivered to you. There is no.

inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update – 09/09/2016

  This is your inGauge Weekly Benchmarking Update for the week of 9/05/16 – 9/11/16. Population Stats 111 unique Motor Carriers (139 when you include sub-profiles) 59 Dry Van (Truckload) 37 Refrigerated (Truckload) 14 Flatbed / Open Deck (Truckload) 2 Specialized (Truckload) 2 LTL Currently we have over 54 trucking companies in the onboarding process or strongly considering participation, this is the highest number of prospective participants in our history.