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TPP Summer Update

As the number of TCA Profitability Program (TPP) participants continues to grow (both online and Best Practice Group members), we are continually refining what it means to be a part of TPP. To stay relevant, we must provide services and content that will demonstrate a real ROI to participants and their businesses. Part of this is adding new functions and datasets to the inGauge platform, to provide more value and expand the possible number of users within each company. Our development queue for inGauge extends well into 2019. Here is a small set of the features and tools we are working on:

  • The inGauge Data Translation Layer – this cloud-based tool will enable users to rapidly ‘map’ their unique Financial and Operational data to the standardized data templates, based on the user’s unique attributes. Further, this tool will allow direct connection to the raw data that drives inGauge.
  • 90 Day Lag on Data – In the Fall, we will be rolling out a new feature on inGauge, which will allow users to view population results for 17 KPIs without the 90 Day Lag. The results will only be available (in this format) on the anonymous sections of the inGauge platform (Gauges and Line Graphs) and will also tell the user how many companies are included in the peer group (20 will be required in order to display the results). These KPIs are considered more ‘macro’ in nature, and thus, are not (in combination with anonymity) as much of an Antitrust concern. More and more companies are starting to report their data in a more rapid fashion after month end. This new feature will give users a more timely look at market direction. Will share more details closer to launch.
  • Quarterly View for BPG and MCD Composite – this view will be another interactive view for these popular dashboards. Further, this view will enable us to integrate the Public Company results directly into these dashboards (instead of the separate Public Co dashboard).
  • GL Builder – This free tool will be available free of charge to any industry participant. Building on the success of the TPP Chart of Accounts (271 downloads as of today), this interactive tool will allow the user to choose: 1) Activity Groups (CF/OO/LP/Brokerage/Dedicated), 2) Operating Mode (Reefer, Dry, Flat, Specialized, Tanker, Intermodal), 3) Custom Cost Centers. After choosing the desired attributes, and adding in the numbering pattern for cost centers, the GL builder will provide a clean General Ledger for companies to implement. Thanks to all those who participate on our monthly TPP Data Standards call for your assistance in this!
  • Integrations with TMS and Accounting Software – Tell your TMS provider you want API integration with inGauge. Very few companies are utilizing our API to streamline the reporting process. Our goal is integration with all major TMS providers by Q1 2019. Further, for those using API enabled accounting software (Great Plains Cloud, Quickbooks Online, Sage50 etc), our API documentation will allow you activate a connection yourself.

TPP Quarterly Report

Jack Porter (TPP Managing Director) and I have created a template for an ongoing TPP Quarterly Report, which we plan to distribute to group members. The first edition was distributed on August 1st to all TPP members. Since the initial distribution we’ve received great feedback from members on additional datasets you would like us to add and analyze.

Brokerage Best Practice Groups

As many of you are aware, we are in the final stages of creating two new Brokerage focused/specific Best Practice Groups. Although we are still working through some of the final details, the two groups will be based on Annualized Revenue (< 50 Million, and > 50 Million). Further, the meeting format will be limited to one meeting per year, and four quarterly ‘virtual’ meetings. The data collected will be a new template Jack Porter created and is ready to go within the new mapping tool and inGauge (you can start reporting now if you would like). Further, this data will be ‘anonymized’ within inGauge (but in same format as your used to) to address some antitrust concerns which could arise with this new type of group. Currently 17 existing members have expressed interest in joining these groups, and our target is to have twenty members in each group. There will be a free trial for existing members, and the ongoing cost of participating in these groups will be significantly less for existing group members. We hope to have the details out to all of you for consideration in a couple weeks.

Retention Coach Services

Although a formal announcement will be made in the coming weeks, we are please to let the cat out of the bag on an important new service under the TPP umbrella. Former TCA Chairman Ray Haight will be leading TCA’s efforts on addressing the ever-important issue of Retention with TCA and TPP member companies. As TPP’s Retention Coach, Mr. Haight will work with companies that want to change, and implement a framework and road map to improve retention (in all roles and functions), while also reinforcing the importance of culture to the long-term success of any business.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and getting in some much-needed downtime before September!