Public Company Results – Q4 2017

Automating Data Capture for Truckmate Customers

We have built a SQL statement that Truckmate customers can use to capture many of the operational stats that we require from participants.  This statement can be used in conjunction with “the Dawg” for automatic execution each month or directly in the SQL execute utility for those without “the Dawg”.  A video tutorial is available to allow non-technical users to implement this in a matter of minutes.  If you are a TruckMate client please let us know if you would like to use this functionality to help you gather the required data each month.

New Features That Are Now Live On inGauge

New features that are now live on inGauge.

  • Private Group Composite – using the same framework as the Best Practice Group online composite, companies with multiple divisions or profit/loss centers can now build their historical results in both table and visual fashion.  As an added benefit, the TPP 20 Index results are included by default in this too!  A new tutorial for this feature will be launched shortly.  For large enterprises that are encountering difficulty in collecting, standardizing and reporting data, this is the perfect solution at no additional cost!
  • 2 Factor Authentication –  as an added layer of security, you will have the option of enabling 2 factor authenitication for your inGauge profile.  For the enxt twelve months this will be optional.  After that 2-factor authentication will be required for all users.  You will have the ability to receive your security token via SMS or email.
  • New Date Formats for Imports – based on your feedback you will now be able to use seven other date formats for the inport of your data.  This will also apply to those using our secure API to submit your monthly results.  A new tutorial for this is coming soon.