Anonymous Peer to Peer Benchmarking

Leveraging the data from inGauge’s growing subscriber base, along with the data from TCA’s Best Practices Groups (50 of North America’s Best Managed Motor Carriers), inGauge provides a diverse set of comparative data for Motor Carriers to compare their results against.
Population filters are provided, which allow users to tailor the comparative group of Motor Carriers to those with similar attributes. Once the filters have been applied, the Motor Carriers results are calculated against the population and displayed in a functionally visual dashboard format, which provides a quick snap shot of their relative performance and the ability to ‘drill down’ into the underlying data.
In addition to “External” Benchmarking, inGauge allows subscribers to visually benchmark their historical performance versus internal goals that have been established for each Essential Performance Indicator(EPI). Further, the subscribing company can set specific action items for each EPI to help positively affect performance on these indicators.
Proactively, at the end of each month, inGauge sends (via email) a report card which summarizes updated results for each subscribing Motor Carriers, and also includes a ‘Performance Opportunities’ section, which translates complex financial and operational results into opportunities for advancement that all users can understand.