Data Collection

The first (and most important) step in Benchmarking is accurate data collection. Utilizing standards developed by TCA’s Best Practice Groups, inGauge subscribers submit their quantitative performance data via monthly submission. inGauge provides a template file which each member updates each month and ‘uploads’ to the cloud-based database.
It is important to note that inGauge’s database is encrypted at two levels, which separates the underlying performance data from the Motor Carrier’s actual profile information in the database, providing stronger data security standards. It should also be noted that inGauge does not retain ANY payment information in it’s databases, all payment information is retained by a third-party payment provider with Industry leading security protocols.
Once data has been successfully uploaded, the calculation of Essential Performance Indicators is performed in real time. The completed comparative results are kept strictly anonymous, however each participating Motor Carrier is able to tailor their comparative population to those peers with similar attributes (Industry Type, Sub-Type, State/Province, Length of Haul Etc).
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