Goal Setting

Although Benchmarking your performance against Industry Peers is an extremely valuable exercise, setting Internal targets and goals for performance are equally important to success in the Industry. Combining the results from external benchmarking with inGauge’s Goal-Setting and Tracking tools accomplishes the following:
Eliminates Status Quo– Using the external market data, you can quickly eliminate “status-quo” excuses within your organization. If a company, of similar type, is doing better – so can you!
Improves Communication– because inGauge allows for an unlimited number of sub-users within each company, your colleagues and employees can quickly understand how your doing versus the industry as well compared against your historical performance. InGauge provides a intuitive and visual yardstick for everyone to gauge performance.
Set Goals and AccountabilityinGauge provides Motor Carriers with the ability to set goals for each Essential Performance Indicator (EPI), as well as specific Action Items to positively affect future results.
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