The inGauge Story

The Trucking Industry is one of the largest industries in North America, and has been the defacto engine of economic growth over the past six decades. However, this industry is under constant threat from external forces such as Rail and Air transport, as well as internal threats, such as new entrants with little to no overhead, due to few barriers to entry.


The typical evolution of Trucking Industry participants follow a path from a single ‘Owner Operator’ into multiple unit Motor Carrier in a short period of time. Although this presents itself as an incentive to prospective operators, it fuels an industry fraught with low operating margins and a state of hyper-competition. Further, historically, a large percentage of Trucking Industry entrepreneurs have an abundance of practical experience, but unfortunately lack the necessary business skills to attempt to gain any competitive advantage.


In other industries, one which are less regulated and with more barriers to entry, consolidation has provided companies with the necessary resources to drive industry wide change, and as a by-product increased margins and access to capital. Unfortunately, the majority of Trucking Industry participants (due in part to the forces mentioned above) do not have access the tools and resources to drive significant change. Access to the necessary resources to help these companies gain competitive momentum have been typically price prohibitive. Further, very few companies can provide industry specific knowledge to help companies apply this new found knowledge in a timely and effective manner.


inGauge was conceived by the Truckload Carriers Association and successful Trucking Industry veterans who saw the need to aggregate real operational data from the ‘mainstreet’ of trucking rather than allow the industry to rely on outdated operational benchmark data. By harnessing this data and anonymously ranking subscribers performance on ‘Essential Performance Indicators‘, we will help to identify and motivate members to focus their efforts on the areas of business which will drive profitability and efficiency. Further, by adding filters based on geographic operating range, and other important ‘subtypes’, inGauge will provide validation that the member’s efforts are making an internal and external difference.